VAMP'D as always like to stay ahead in the game when it comes to salon treatments and eyebrows are no exception so its only right that we should be offering a more permanent solution other than eyebrow shape, design & tints...


(a.k.a Semi Permanent Make-Up / Tattooing)

Now most of you will have heard about Microblading by now as it has become more & more popular over the last few years , however Nanoblading is basically the new kid on the block!  And VAMP'D are offering both!!


What is the difference??

Both Microblading & Nanoblading involve the same technique of pigments being deposited under the skin with a hand tool, however the final results differ dramatically.


Nanoblading uses an ultra fine line of teeny "Nano" needles which with the aid of a disposable hand tool mimic the dimension & diameter of hair thus creating such fine hair strokes it gives the appearance of real hair growing within the brow.

Nanoblading is best suited to those who are wanting a very natural looking end result which mimics the natural brow through dimension, direction & colour.


Microblading is typically used to create shape & definition. The blade used within microblading tend to be slightly harder & thicker. Whilst still creating beautiful hair strokes this option tends to give a definitive shape & look. 

Microblading is best suited for those who like to spend time daily pencilling & drawing in brows for a preferred striking brow look.

Shading can be used with microblading to create a filled in / powder look for those who love a fuller brow style.


​Preference is certainly the key here, if you are someone who likes to spend time perfecting your brows, making them stand out more or filling them in to create a powder look then you won't appreciate the very natural look that comes with Nanoblading and vice versa ....

If you like natural brow look on a day to day basis without much emphasis and would just like a few more hairs or they are sparse in places then a bolder look which can be achieved through Microblading is probably not going to be the best option for you.

Don't worry if you have got to this point and still have no idea what to choose or which is the better option for you as we can discuss everything from your daily routine to your desired look at your free consultation.


(And yes it is Free)

It is paramount that we have an initial consultation prior to any treatment such as semi permanent make-up..

This free consultation will last around 30 minutes and here we can discuss and assess your needs and what outcome you desire. We can also go through any questions or worries you may have as well as desired colour and brow shapes, post & aftercare.

And of course it gives us the opportunity to meet (afterall i am going to be in your face for a few hours if you choose to have the treatment!!)

From this we can then decide a bespoke plan suited to you. 

Should you decide to go ahead with the treatment a patch test will be performed and a £50 cash deposit* (non refundable) will be required to secure your booking. 


  NANOBLADING                                                £ 275                     

(Initial treatment including a 4-8 wk retouch)

 COLOUR BOOSTS     (Existing Clients)

** 12 - 18 Months                     £ 195

** 18 - 24 Months                    £ 245

MICROBLADING                                           £ 250

(Initial Treatment including a 4-8 wk retouch)

COLOUR BOOSTS     (Existing Clients)

** 6 - 12 Months                      £ 100

** 12 - 18 Months                     £ 160

** 18 - 24 Months                    £ 210

* £25 Additional charge to be applied should you request shading - Microblading only

* Old tattoo work will need to be extremely faded for Nanoblading

* All prices return to full treatment price after 24 months. 

* Clients who have had semi permanent make up done elsewhere and require a colour top up will be charged as a new client. 

* Deposit will be deducted off final treatment price on the day only 

* All photos are genuine pictures of my work at VAMP'D